Do you know, writing diary can
Help you to be very happy

Keep your memories and ideas organized

Today helps you to be a better person. Keep track of your daily thoughts, improvements, achievements or just pour your heart. It is easy to go back to your anniversary day or see all entries containing exciting ideas or romantic momeries.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Today app can help me?

We are building Today with a sole reason to help you be better. Writing each day helps you think about the good moments and the areas to improve. We are designing Today with scientific reasonings which will give you power to be your better self. Keeping track of your good moments, mistakes, activities, ideas, improvements will be super easy.

Can I keep photos?

Yes, For each day you will be able too keep photos.

Can I easily find past entries

Yes, we are designing Today to be your best companion to whom you can return and turn pages anytime in effective ways.

How many platforms Today app will support?

We are starting with Android and iOS. Soon we will launch for other platforms too.

How secure is my data

We are using high level encryption technique to ensure your personal data remain always safe.